Windshield Repair or Replacement

We are the number one in windshield repairs and replacements!

Whatever may be the make and model of your vehicle, your windshield is one of its most important safety components and should always be maintained in top notch condition. While driving, though, it can easily get chipped or cracked…and all too often we continue to drive around with the damage, neglecting to get it fixed. What we fail to realise is that a small chip or crack takes just minutes to repair- but when left untended, it can easily enlarge into a sizeable crack which can be a driving hazard.

It is very important that even the smallest crack should not be neglected, as dirt and dust can collect in the crevice and make it difficult to repair. For the safety of all the occupants in your vehicle, the windshield must be maintained in perfect condition all the time. Your technician will check the glass thoroughly and advise you as to which is the better option- a repair or a total windshield replacement. Wherever possible, a quick repair is all that is needed to fix the crack- it takes less than half an hour and fixes the damage without breaking the original glass seal. However, under some circumstances a replacement may be the safer option and you should always get a new installation carried out by expert technicians who have sufficient experience.

At Auto Glass Pickering, each windshield replacement is carried out using first quality manufacturer approved parts and materials, installed using industry- approved techniques to ensure the safety of the vehicle ‘ s occupants. Windshield repairs are carried out using the appropriate resins for grouting, and in a manner that ensures that the final repaired surface is as near blemish free as possible.

Our technicians are thorough professionals who have undergone training in industry approved best practices and methods for windshield repair and replacement. They have many years of experience and you can be sure that with them, your vehicle is in safe hands!

Never compromise your driving safety. If your windshield is less than perfect, call the Auto Glass Pickering team today!