Auto Glass Repair or Replacement

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While windshield replacement requires a lot of expertise, replacing the door glasses can be no less complicated. In most cases, the door glass replacement requires the disassembly of the interior of the door in order to access the framework of the glass. A lot of expertise and the correct techniques are required to install the door and rear glasses properly. Improper installations will result in the glass rattling at the bottom of the window every time you stop, start or turn your vehicle while driving. The wind seal may not be perfect, and the functional mechanism may not work as smoothly as you would wish if the installation is not executed perfectly.

Quarter glasses and rear glasses require special care to the exterior and the interior of the vehicle around the frame. Removing the broken panel and vacuuming the shards of glass must be done with care, so that the paint does not get scratched. A urethane adhesive that is to industry standards should be used to secure the glass to the body of the vehicle. The rear window may have a defroster built into the glass, and may also have antennae, connections for GPS and other mechanisms fitted in. The technician working on your glass must take care to restore all such functionality while working on your glass.

At Auto Glass Pickering, we ensure that only our best technicians are trusted with working on your auto glass replacements. If you need your vehicle glasses looked at, don ‘ t hesitate to give us a call right away!